Sunday, 9 September 2012

Fruit of the earth body lotion

Hey everyone!
Hope you guys had a great weekend. It has been a long time since i have posted anything. So today i am going to review a body lotion which i had got from Urbantouch quite sometime back. While browsing through the website, this brand called "Fruit of the earth" caught my eye. And since i had wanted a good moisturizing lotion, i popped these into my shopping cart. Read on to find out how these were.

The company says: 

 My experience with it: I had no idea about the brand when i first saw it on Urbantouch. I checked the company's website for the ingredients list, but could not find it. Since it was not very expensive, i ordered it right away. It comes with a flip open type cap in orange color and the bottle is white. In the above pissed off! Why should a body lotion contain SLS??? And the ingredients are full of chemicals! I was expecting something on the lines of natural cocoa butter and aloe vera. I was really disappointed.
Not only this, it smells aweful! Something like "sacred ash", the one that we get as prashad in temples. I have no idea how a body lotion can have such a smell. The lotion has a thick consistency and spreads well on the body. The moisturization is nothing great.
Thankfully it did not cause any kind of irritation or allergy.


The good:
1. Moisturizes the skin on an average scale.
2. Did not cause irritation or allergies.
3. Pretty affordable.

The not so good:
1. Smells like aweful.
2. Has SLS!!!
3. And silicone.
4. Availability is an issue.

Final word: 1/5 for the moisturization. I will not recommend this to anyone! It is one of my worst buys :(

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Enchanteur matte lipstick review

Hey everyone!
I am sure you all would be familiar with the brand Enchanteur for its shower gel, body lotions, talcum powders and soaps. Now last month on ebay i came across a lipstick from this brand and i was like "they make cosmetics too??" And i immediately ordered a plum shade, thinking that a plum shade would be a safe bet. Read on to find out how the shade turned out to be.

I really like the black and maroon tube of this one. Looks very classy to me. These were described as matte lipsticks on ebay and i jumped at it! There were also names for the lippys on ebay but i was not able to find any names on the tube or outer carton. Just some numbers and alphabets.

 My experience with it: When i opened the lipstick, i found the bullet way too dark. But i thought the color would come out lighter on my lips, but it was dark too. I knew that i had made the wrong selection :( should have gone for a much lighter shade or even a red shade! The lipstick feels creamy on swatching on hands but on my lips it accentuates the dry patches on my lips. And since the shade is a very dark one, it settles into my lip lines and makes them prominent! And it stains!!!! That too is obvious for such a dark shade! The staying power is about 4-5 hours. And it makes my lips dry. So i exfoliated my lips, moisturized and then wore this one and it was far better. So if you have dry lips, then please do not get this.

The shade sure looks nice in the tube. But here is the swatch.
I would have been really happy, had the shade been a tad bit lighter. Nevertheless i wanna make this work for me and i used this as a stain on my lips with a gloss on top and it worked.
With stain alone.
 Now with Avon glazewear in muave on top.
 The left swatch is the gloss alone, which is pretty sheer and the right one is with this lipstick as base and gloss on top. Look how this lipstick makes the gloss opaque!

So i am going to have to finish it up by using it as a stain. I also tried it as a cheek stain on my little sister and i got a really nice stain on her cheeks.

Sorry ladies, i dont want to scare you with my lip swatch with this alone on my lips!
Price: Rs.199 but the MRP was Rs.450.
The plus and minus.

The good:
1. Pretty affordable.
2. Cute packaging.
3. Great pigmentation.
4. Good matte finish, provided lips are smooth and exfoliated.

The not so good:
1.  Makes lips dry and settles into the lines.
2. Availability, i havent seen it anywhere else other than on ebay.

Final word: This is a decent matte lipstick. It is just that i messed up with the selection of shade. I suggest you give it a try if you find it, and of course 200 bucks wont really burn a hole in anyone's pocket! I rate this particular shade 2.8/5.

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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Clinique all about eyes dark circles under-eye gel review

Hey all!
Hope you had a good week. Mine was extremely busy with work. Anyways am back with one of the best under eye gels i have ever used! It is the Clinique all about eyes under eye cream errr... it is a gel. I had got it along with the 3 step skin care system. Let s get to the review.

Clinique says? "To target under-eye circles, shadows, lines and puffs use All about eyes. Special moisturizers and optical diffusers immediately diminish the appearance of under-eye circles and fine lines. A unique combination of botanicals, proteins and anti-oxidants works to fade the look of under-eye dark darkness, decrease puffs, and strengthen skin against environmental aggressors. Helps to extend eye makeup wear. This velvety, lightweight, cream/gel is absorbed quickly. Wait a few seconds before applying eye makeup. Long-term smoothing and firming results are cumulative, so use morning and night, over the entire eye area."
Phew.... I typed it all!

My experience with it: Since i had removed my spectacles, my dark circles were even more visible and bad. So when i went to Clinique store to get the 3 step skin care system, i asked the SA about the All about eyes concealer. She tried it on me. but i was not satisfied with the coverage. Yeah! my circles were that bad :( That was when she showed me this under-eye cream. And i got it instead of the concealer. As you can see in the ingredients list, caffine is a major ingredient, and this product is recommended by the makeup artist Lisa Eldridge for this.
 I really like the jar.The mirror like cap and the pink jar packaging is really cute!
 So back to my story, i used it regularly morning and night for more than a month and i can happily say that this one is AWESOME and definitely helps reduce dark circles! True to its claim of being light weight and velvety, it makes my skin absolutely soft and velvety and gets absorbed immediately. My dark circles have reduced considerably over this one month. But one thing that i want to mention here is, do not expect this cream alone to lighten the under eye circles. This will definitely lighten the skin provided one gets enough sleep, at least a minimum of 7 hours every day. On days when i dint get enough sleep, my circles looked dark even though i used this gel twice that day. So this when used along with proper diet, sleep and rest to the eyes, will definitely reduce one's dark circle no matter how ever dark be it. Since i do not have puffy eyes, i cant comment on that one.

 Have a look at my swatch and see how velvety it makes my skin. Hope you are able to note the dry hands in the first picture and the velvety texture in the blended picture.
Price: Rs.2050 for 15ml

Now for the plus and minus.
The good:
1. Reduces dark circles to a great extent.
2. Makes the delicate under eye area velvety soft.
3. Gets absorbed immediately.
4. Suitable for all skin types.
5. Safe for sensitive eyes.
The not so good:
1. The PRICE!!!! It costs a bomb.

Final word: I rate this 4.8/5, obviously 0.2 reduced for the price. And i will recommend this to everyone with dark under eye circles.

Saturday, 18 August 2012


Hey everyone!
Hope all of you are having a nice long weekend! For me weekends are for shopping. Yeah i have been hauling like crazy for the last two weeks. And here is yet another haul post for you. Without much rambling, here are the pictures.

Everything together.

I finally tried the clinique 3 step skin care system.
I wanted a good under eye dark circles removing cream and got this one. And it is AWESOME!!!
Next is my Loccitane stuff, ordered online during the sale! I love the outer box.
I should have posted about my win in Beauty diaries contest last month, but I am lazy bum.
And i am having a serious break out and did not know what to do. So i finally got the Vichy Normaderm range.
 And guess what? I got a 10% off and a bunch of free samples. Yay!!!! Am so happy.

   And last but not the least, i got a lot of undergarments. 
Hope you enjoyed my haul post!!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Nivea vitamin shake cranberry & raspberry lipbalm

Hey everyone!
Today I am going to write about a product which has become my absolute favourite. It is the Nivea Vitamin shake Cranberry and Raspberry lipbalm. I love lipbalms and i collect them just for their packaging or shade or smell. So when i saw this lipbalm review in another blog, i wanted to try it out and got one.

Nivea says: Do you wish to nourish and protect your lips while enjoying a luscious flavor and fragrance?
The innovative marbled formula of Nivea Vitamin Shake combines intensive moisture and a blend of fruit extracts with vitamins for a smooth and nourished look with a light fruity tint.
1. Intensive moisture with vitamins C and E and Pro-vitamin B5.
2. Natural pinkish tint and subtle flavor blend of Cranberry and Raspberry.
3. SPF 10 with protection from UVA and UVB rays.
4. Skin compatibility and dermatologically tested.

Sorry about the ingredients picture, i threw this cardboard away somewhere and i had to scan it.

My experience with it: I had picked this up just because it said "Natural pinkish tint and subtle flavor blend of Cranberry and Raspberry" and the swirls. And I was very excited to try it on mainly because of the swirls in it and the claim of it containing a mixture of Vitamins B, E and pro B5. It comes in a twist up tube just like the other Nivea ones.And the outer cover has pictures of cranberries and raspberries in a swirl. 

 The smell is a very mild mixture of cranberry and raspberry. And it lingers on for about half an hour after application. Coming to the tint  of this one, it is nothing like the other Nivea fruit shines and gives a mild milky peach tint, which nevertheless looks beautiful on my lips. But it does nothing to hide the pigmentation and so no lip swatch for this one, as I have a slightly darker upper lip.

  It provides a decent moisturisation and definitely heals chapped lips. I wore it before I went off to sleep and I had smooth and soft lips in the morning. And the best thing about this lip balm is that it has SPF 10 and has reduced my pigmentation!!! But there is a catch here, if I use it regularly day and night, the pigmentation gets reduced. I was able to see my slightly darker upper lips turning a little pinky. But I did not use it that regularly, as I did not want this to get over so soon and the pigmentation was back. I guess it is just like a sunscreen on face, You stop using it and you will tan, u continue using it and your tan will go away! Stupid me! Now that this is available easily, I am going to use it 24x7. But before that I will have to arrange for backups :) I am really crazy about this lip balm! 

Price : Rs.139 for 4.8 gms.
The good about this product:
1.      It has the goodness of Vitamins B, E and pro B5
2.      It has extracts of cranberry and raspberry.
3.      It moisturizes the lips and makes them soft.
4.      Has SPF 10 which helps reduce tanning of lips and reduces pigmentation.
5.      Smells very mild and wonderful.
6.      The price is reasonable.

The not so good about this product:
Absolutely nothing!!

My rating: 5/5
I highly recommend this to every one!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

I am no longer a MAC virgin!!!

Hey everyone!
Yup I finally ordered some MAC samples from thebodyneeds2 last week, when they were having a 25% off on MAC samples. This website sells genuine MA samples and its a great way of trying out paint pots, fluidlines and lipsticks.
I received the package in a week i guess. So here are the pictures.

I got samples of Paint pot : blackground, constructivist, Fluidline : macroviolet, Lip tint: Fuchsia fix, Pigment : Blue brown
Lipstick samples of Capricous, Creme cup, Sweetie (sorry about the blurred pic, my cam battery was down and this was the last pic)

 I love the concept of testing a product first and then going for it if i really like it, because i dont get to waste my money, if i dont like the products or the products dont like me ;)
Am very excited about these and will do a review of all products soon. Until then stay tuned.