Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Hello everyone!
This is going to be a space for myself, where i will be sharing my thoughts on various topics like beauty, makeup, books to name a few and those that interest me. But my blog will predominantly contain reviews and opinions about make-up, my new found love. In due course of time you can expect more or less anything and everything about make-up, and so I am calling it "makeup pedia" my effort to maintain an encyclopedia for makeup and beauty. But since i love reading books, mainly fiction novels i will have a separate space to share my views on the books that i have read and will read in future, occasionally some recipes and other interesting topics.
And now a few lines about me. I am a civil engineer from chennai. I started loving makeup ever since i got hooked on to IMBB. I started off with writing reviews for IMBB about products that i have been using and fell in love with makeup. So the reason for my love for makeup is IMBB. And this blog is the result of my urge to share my views to all the wonderful ladies out there and would love to know your opinion in return.
And talking about makeup I am crazy about lipsticks! Yeah i love them to the core. I ve recently started liking eye shadows too.
So ladies and of course gentlemen too can join, just hand on here and check out my blog and if you wanna discuss any specific topic, join me by dropping your comments or mail me at mymakeuppedia@gmail.com.
Love ya! Stay tuned :)