Monday, 30 July 2012

It's great, beat the Monster to win cash credits every day. Come on, xoxo!

It's great, beat the Monster to win cash credits every day. Come on, xoxo!: It's great, beat the Monster to win cash credits every day. Come on, xoxo!

Rules to enter the giveaway : 

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2.  Share the giveaway through your facebook, twitter, blog or any other sites (forums) you can reach to. We can track it once people enter the giveaway through your link. We have $150.000 to reward top referers.
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5.  The credits you won from Oasap $200,000 giveaway expires on August 31st.

Have fun!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Kryolan skinliner swatches

Hey everyone!
Hope you are having a great weekend! Today I am going to post swatches of "skinliners" from Kryolan which are described by Kryolan as " semi-permanent for lip and body". Remember my swatch post on Kryolan's cream liner swatch, this post is a continuation of some more Kryolan swatches.

Skinliner is a part of their High Definition range and have been newly launched. I picked the shade no.32 from this range and shall review it soon. For now enjoy the swatches.

Hope this is going to be useful! Stay tuned for the review! 

Thursday, 26 July 2012

I am back!!

Hello everyone!
First of all, am really sorry for going MIA for almost a month! Well its because i had a LASIK surgery done early this month. For those who are not aware of it, LASIK is a surgery to correct the short sightedness ( minus power ) and get rid of the glasses! I will do a separate post on LASIK. And since i was at home taking rest ( no TV, no reading, no computer :( sob sob ) i have been hauling like crazy to celebrate the riddance of my glasses and also to lift my mood. I picked up the clinique 3 step skin care, all about eyes dark circles gel, and many more.Will do a haul post soon.
Have loads of stuff to show you gals :) And i promise, i will be posting regularly from next week!

See ya!!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Suncote gel SPF 30 by Curatio pharma

Hi everyone! Hope your doing well. Even though i love summer, it is officially over and so is the heat and sweat! I am enjoying the pleasant climate here in Chennai. But nevertheless, i really enjoyed a tan free summer this year, thanks to Suncote gel SPF 30 by Curatio pharma. I actually read about this sunscreen on Sukanya's blog . Since her skin is very similar to mine, i got this one. Read on to find out more about this product! By the way, this review is for you Kimi :)

What suncote claims? Well there are no claims! I think that is because it is not a beauty product, but a pharmaceutical one with chemicals.


Directions to use: 

My experience with it: Firstly i love the cute and simple pink tube. It is so girly! It has a flip open type cap and it shuts tight. Very convenient to toss it into my handbag.

The gel is a light pink colored one and is a little on the thicker side. It gives a cooling sensation on application and i love this product for that! It spreads quite easily on my skin. On massaging this gel into skin, the pink color gel turns into a milky white lotion like consistency and then it gets absorbed into the skin.

 It gives a dewy finish, which i consider as a slight con for my oily combination skin (which turns oily by itself after a while no matter what cream or gel i apply). But since i love this gel so much, i dust some Kryolan loose powder and i love the finish even more. My skin kinda glows. When it comes to the degree of protection that this gel offers, i would rate it 5/5. I started taking care of my skin this summer and tried reducing the tan on my face (with great success of course!) and this gel has helped in maintaining my skin tan free. Another thing that i love about this is the smell. It is a very mild and pleasant smell, that even the most sensitive nose will love! It also doesn't make me sweat unlike most sunscreens and moisturizers, which makes my T-zone sweat after application. So overall i love this sunscreen gel!

Price : Rs.249 for 100 ml ( I ve been using it for about 3 months and i still have more than half of the tube )

Now the plus and minus.

The good:
1.  Gives a cooling sensation on application.
2. Spreads easily, despite the gel consistency.
3. Gives a dewy finish and a glow (especially for the dry skinned beauties).
4. Gives a good protection to the skin.
5. Prevents sun tan.
6. Good smell.
7. Doesnt make my face sweat on application.
8. Quite a reasonable price.

The not so good:
Absolutely nothing!!!

 Final word: I rate this gel 5/5 and i love it so much that it is going to become a staple product in my skin care regime.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

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Oriflame exciting offers - July

The July 2012 Oriflame catalog just got updated and i want to share a few exciting offers with you. Yes I am an Oriflame representative and if you need any of the products just drop a mail at Now here are a few offers picked by me. You can view the entire catalog here.

The new launches for this month first!

Here comes the most tempting offers.... I am definitely gonna get the tender care in chocolate flavor and the whole of the sparkling disco collection! Arent they tempting?

 And now for the best deals this month.

 A little from the men's corner.

And now the best of all offers.

Am going crazy this month with all these offers!! So here is what i have planned to get this month!

1.Beauty gloss booster.
2.Tender care in chocolate flavor.
3.The entire sparkling disco range - 2 eye shadows, 2 eye pencils and 2 nail paints.
4.Delicacy hand cream.
5.Body milk 400 ml
6.Essentials tropical fruit exfoliating gel.
7.Quick dry top coat and at least 4 nail paints.
8.Visions V lipstick at least 4
9.Natural hair oil.

These are the ones as of now. But am seriously tempted to get some more. Will do a haul post once i recieve the stuff.

PS: I will be placing the order on wednesday  4.07.2012. Please let me know if you need anything.
There is also a flyer from 1.07.2012 - 7.07.2012. You can have a look here.

Have a nice sunday :)