Thursday, 28 February 2013

L'occitane Verbena shower cream with shea milk

Hi all!

Today I am going to review the L’occitane Verbena shower cream. I received this in my September 2012 Vellvette box and I just finished it up.

What L’occitane says: Foaming cleansing lotion slips on like silk, doubling as a shampoo. Creamy texture and detergent-free formula, with high percentage of 5% of nourishing Shea Butter, natural coconut foaming base and soy proteins, leave skin soft and supple, and hair with high shine. In a squeeze bottle perfect for shower and travel.
The description says that it can be doubled up as a shampoo, though i had no idea i could do this. I used it up as a body wash.

 My experience: The quantity of this sample bottle was 75 ml and it had last for a month. As far as the quantity is concerned, I am very happy. 75 ml is good enough to test the product for a good 30 days and decide whether one likes it or not. The bottle is travel friendly and has a small flip open cap, which allows one to control the amount of product coming out. In fact I love the packaging so much that I am going to reuse it, especially while travelling. 

The shower cream is a cream colored thick liquid and it has a fresh citrusy smell. I love the mild pleasant smell which wakes my senses in the shower every morning. It lathers well and I could feel that it was doing a good job of cleaning my skin without stripping the skin’s moisture.

Though I did feel he need of a moisturizer after shower, I did not experience any dryness immediately after shower (unlike some shower gels, when I would be able to flake my skin away with my nails). It does feel a little slippery while rinsing, but nothing irritating or uncomfortable.
Price: Rs.395 for 75ml.

The good:
1. Travel friendly bottle.
2. Flip open cap for controlled usage of the shower cream.
3.  Mild citrusy smell.
4. Does not strip the skin’s moisture.
5. Slightly moisturizes my skin after shower, allows me to skip moisturizer for an hour after shower after which I do need to follow up with a moisturizer. 

The not so good:
1.  The price! I would never purchase a 75 ml shower cream for Rs.400.
2.  Availability is a problem.
      3.  It is not completely natural! It does have some chemicals.

      Final word: It is a nice shower cream, but i will not repurchase it because, for such a steep price, it neither eliminates the requirement of a moisturizer nor is it totally organic. I rate this 3/5.
      It is worth a try but not worth repurchasing!

      Have a nice day!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Finally!!! Got my Feb Vellvette box today!

Hey everyone!
Am very excited today as i got my Feb Vellvette box after a loooong wait.
So here it is.

A beautiful red satin ribbon around the box!
My products and coupons!
All of them together! The fridge magnet is missing as it was so cute that it went straight to my fridge.
Am so happy to try out a new American brand! In fact i ve already started using this. Will do a detailed review soon.
Absolutely love this balm! And it smells just like "After 8" dark chocolate!
And the full size blush!
I got the shade Universal. Yet to try this one out!

Overall i am very happy with this month's products. Just dint like the long wait!
Anyways  stay tuned for the reviews.

Have a nice day!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Philips Satinelle epilator

Hey everyone!

Today i am going to talk about one of my favorite beauty gadgets - "The epilator". My first epilator is from Philips, which i got last year. Though some may feel it extremely inconvenient, for me it is a boon. Ever since i started working, i literally stopped going to the parlor due to lack of time. I am someone who needs to get rid of body hairs every month. Imagine what would have happened when it was left to out grow for years?? Yeah! Thats what happened to me last year. I could not stand it and went ahead and bought this epilator.

What the company says :
Enjoy long lasting smooth legs. Removes hair from the root, for hair free legs up to four weeks.

My experience : I love the concept of epilators because they remove hair from the root and hence it takes a while for the hair to regrow, unlike trimming or shaving where you can see regrowth in the next two days. This procedure is similar to waxing sans hot wax and harsh pulling. Also there is no fear of getting cut. The epilator head has a couple of blades (the name has been given just because they are circular in shape. The blades are too blunt to cut you ;)) and these blades capture the hair between them as they come down and pulls the hair from the root as they go up. As simple as that!

 But one has to keep an eye on the length of the hair. The pain is directly proportional to the length of the hair. I found this out the hard way! This removes the tiniest of the hairs, even as short as 2mm. The body is quite handy and convenient to use. It has two speed settings 1 and 2. Initially i had set it on 2 and after getting a hang of it, i switched to 1 and i realized that 1 is less painful then 2.
It has a long cord which is very useful when i epilate  under the thighs, calf muscles, arms and other difficult to reach areas.

The head is detachable and can be washed and cleaned with water. And apart from all the benefits mentioned above, i simply love this because it gives me freedom to epilate whenever i like, even late at night (yes i have epilated at 12 in the night :D) unlike parlors where i have to get an appointment. In fact i have even done one leg per day!

Now some difficulties i faced with this.
  • The epilator has to be placed at a 90 degree angle on the skin and failing to do so will lead to trimming or hair instead of uprooting. 
  • Please make sure the hair length is not more then 1 cm. Trust me i tried it when it was lengthier and it pained like hell and caused red bumps on my legs.
  • Ladies with sensitive skin should do a patch test 24 hours before the epilation. If it causes rashes which does not settle over night, do not proceed with epilation.
  • Make sure you epilate at night or at least in the evening because even if you get temporary bumps, it will settle down by morning. The bumps can be taken care of by applying refrigerated aloe vera gel followed by moisturizer before going to bed.
  • This epilator should be used ONLY on dry skin. No water, no moisturizer beforehand.
  • The last point is that it makes a loud noise while epilating. It annoyed me initially, but i got used to it later on.
Here are the before and after pictures for you.

Price: Rs.2095.

Final word : Epilator is a very handy gadget for ladies like me who are a lazy bum and do not/can not go to the parlor. In fact on regular epilation the hair regrowth reduces and will ultimately stop after a few months, just as it happens with waxing. For me the regrowth rate has drastically reduced :)

Have a nice day!

Friday, 15 February 2013

"Rain rain go away come again another day" and my first empties post!

Hey everyone!

I had a lot of plans for the day but everything was spoiled because of the surprise shower here in Chennai! Yeah the day was so moody and dark that i could hardly get some good clicks. But I did not give up. Instead of some swatch post or EOTD, i decided to do an empties post! I have seen such posts by YouTube makeup gurus and here is mine.
Before that let me show you some pictures of the rainy day. And look who is peeping out to greet the rain...

I love gazing at these droplets :)

The trees just had a shower and are clean!

Jumping on to the empties post. These are the products that i have emptied over the past few months. I will try and keep posting empties post each month.

The shower gel and haircare products have been the fastest ones to get empty for me.

Here are some skin care empties.

And yes I have not emptied even a single make up product and i admit I am ashamed :(
Sorry about the picture quality, there was hardly any light today.

So that is all for today. I would love to hear what are your empties, please leave the list in the comments section.
Have a nice day!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey everyone!
Wish you all a very happy valentine's day. Hope you guys are having a good time. And i would like to share an EOTD with you. Since i am still single, all i could do was celebrate it with muself with an EOTD. Yes it is the valentine's day EOTD. So here we go....

A pinky EOTD. Pink is my third favorite shade! First is white (am crazy about white gadgets - this is my third white phone!) and second is blue.
Talking over the phone to someone!

 Sorry could not get a decent snap of the other eye :(

 Both eyes together :)

The above pictures were taken indoor. I had a tough time picturing my eyes in the sun. Could hardly open my eyes. The color of the eyeshadow in this picture is exactly how it looks in person. The indoor pictures are kinda washed out!

Here are the products that i used.

Top row:
1. Maybelline color tattoo in Pomegranate Punk.
2. Faces canada Go chic eye shadow quad in Wine timed.
3. Kryolan transculecent powder.
Bottom row:
1. Maybelline New York seirl gel liner in brown.
2. Kryolan Derma color camouflage cream.
3. Mary Kay single eye shadow in Sweet plum.
4. Clinique high impact mascara in black.
5. Avon glimmerstick eye liner in majestic plum.
6. QVS ele lash curler.

Let me know if you need a tutorial!
And dont forget to leave your comments and feedback.

Love ya!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Sunday hair care routine

Hey all!
Ever since i started going to college, Sunday has been a day of pamper for me. I usually spend almost the whole of Sunday morning to take oil bath. Those days oil refers to just coconut oil for me, as i had thick, rough, curly and healthy hair. But i have dandruff and hairfall now due to stress and reasons unknown. So oiling to me now is a mixture of Olive oil, Lavender essential oil, Rosmary essential oil, Gingelly oil. Phew! that was a long list. Olive oil, lavender and rosmary EO help reduce dandruff and the gingelly oil cools the body and conditions the hair. I am actually planning to add avacado oil instead of gingelly oil. Suggestions on this idea is welcome. I mix these oils and heat them and apply on my scalp and hair. I "cover my head" with oil till it literally drips from my hair! I let my hair soak in oil for an hour and then go for shower.
This picture was taken last sunday and the gingelly oil is missing because i had skipped it due to my cold. Gingelly oil cools the body.

I mix 3 tsp olive oil, 3 tsp gingelly oil, 10 drops of rosmary and lavender oils each. 
One thing that i noticed was my hair became extremely soft and bouncy after washing+conditioning! I loved my hair after the wash. I am going to continue oiling or rather dipping my hair in a bowl of oil every week!

Any good remedy for getting rid of dandruff? Please drop your comments!